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Category: Board

(Elaine Dixon/Louise Kari) As members of the Finance Committee (FICO), we can say that money is not missing.  In order to cut a check, there is a process in place so that one person can’t just cut a check without approval by others.  Currently, 3 staff members are required just to complete the submission of a check for approval which then must be approved by 2 board members and finally a fourth staff member signs the checks.  This is an enormous division of duties which is the most effective method of preventing error or fraud.

Category: Board

Washington Law (RCW 9.73.030) Prohibits recording conversations including private meetings without all attendee consent.

Budgets and Finnances

Williams and Nulle completes our annual audit.  The last one received had not findings or anomalies.  The latest audit (for FY21/22) will be completed by June 2023.

Facilities and Amenities

(Board) Demolition of the upper pool is anticipated and there is a line item in the upcoming budget for that work.  As part of that project, work is required to plan for what amenity will replace the pool.

(Monte Hicks) We have not gotten 3 bids to upgrade the pool.  We can barely get anyone to even come look at the pool much less bid on fixing it?


Lease Items

Category: Lease Items

(Board) At some point, if the negotiations have stalled and we don’t see a way forward, we will need to start discussing the transition to the end of the lease.

Category: Lease Items

(Board) The current contract ends on March 31.  The Board is discussing whether to let it expire, renew at a lower fee, or on an as-needed basis.

Category: Lease Items

(Board) No, per the Master Lease, Shelter bay Community is responsible for infrastructure and repairs.

Category: Lease Items

Wendy Poulton, Louise Kari, Jack Galbraith, and Rod Proctor.

Category: Lease Items

The Supplemental rent is included in the budget and billed monthly.  This is voted on by the Community.


Category: Marina

(Pat McGarry)  We never had to pay TERO tax on earlier marina projects, so it was not specifically included in the budget for this project.  The Board approved the budget and we were able to absorb the additional cost and remain within budget.

Category: Marina

(Pat McGarry) The Marina and access to Shelter Bay needed dredging.  It was financed by a loan through Peoples Bank and will be paid off in a maximum of five years with funds generated by the Marina.

Web site questions

Category: Web site questions

Go to Resources and click on Storage Lot, and then at the bottom is a link to download the form.