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Never stop learning…
…because life never stops teaching.

Shelter Bay Communiversity provides life-long learning opportunities available to residents of the Shelter Bay and Swinomish Tribal Communities.

Communiversity is a volunteer-managed program for the enjoyment of all Shelter Bay residents and Swinomish Tribal members. It provides a broadly-based curriculum of subjects presented in a fun and no-stress environment. Offerings are currently being made over Zoom until we can return to the Clubhouse.

Contact person if you have questions:
Jim Barrett 206-930-3607

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Upcoming Class

Soul of the Skagit River

Tuesday November 16, 2023 – 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.


Christian Murillo hiked to the Skagit river’s glacial headwaters, to its delta and to the Salish sea beyond. Come and hear about the river’s origin, where it flows to and the impact it has on the environment, its fauna and the human beings who have depended on its waters for centuries. Climate change is influencing the river’s course but there is still time to reverse the damage and prevent further damage.

Instructor: Christian Murillo

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The Know Your Community program is offered to all residents by experts from within our community.

The program consists of monthly presentations that will cover every facet of our community. 

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and get immediate responses from the presenters and other attendees. 

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Know Your Community Recordings

Class #1 History

The first session covered the history of Shelter Bay, bringing everyone up to date on how we got to where we are today and cover how our Home Owners Association (HOA) is structured and functions compared to other HOA communities..

Class # 4 Management

The fourth class covered the role of the Board of Directors, the committees and the Office including all employed staff

Class #2 Marina

Class two covered the Marina.  It was presented by Pat McGarry and Vanessa Finch.

Class #5 Safety and Security

Class five covered Shelter Bay Safety and Security.  It was coordinated by Carolyn Caporgno.

Class #3 Leases and Taxes

Class three covered the Master and Sub-lease, land ownership, the possible new lease, the hierarchy of authority and Taxes from the Tribe.  It was presented by Rod Proctor.

Class #6 Soc/Rec, Communiversity, Communications and Website Demo.

Class six covered three Committees, what they do and how to participate plus the demonstration of the newly launced Community Website.

 Other Recordings From Communiversity


Global Warming: Evidence for Human Cause and Solutions

Presented October 2021

Instructor:  Dale Oldis          

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Lease Rent History and Adjustment for 2023

Presented February 2022

Instructor:  Louise Kari           

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Fraud Watch and Cyber Crime

Presented in October, 2022

Instructor:  Kay Tomlinson – AARP          

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Deception Pass

Presented in November, 2022

Instructor:  Jack Hartt          

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 Emergency Preparedness

Presented on Sept. 19, 2023

Instructors:  Carolyn Caporgno, Ted Tayor and Bill Davis       

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Tsunamis in the Salish Sea

Presented February 2022

Instructor: Dr. Carrie Garrison-Laney             

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Shelter Bay Amenities Master Plan

Presented March, 2022 

Instructor:  Ken Olsen                

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Orcas of the Salish Sea

Presented February 8, 2023  

Instructor:  Amanda Colbert                 

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How to effectively communicate with a Native-American Indian

Presented on Sept. 13, 2023

A fireside chat between Jay Bowen and Jim Barrett about how our 2 cultures can understand each other’s way of communicating.         

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How to improve (lower) your Carbon Footprint and
Create a Greener Shelter Bay Community

Presented on Oct. 8, 2023

Presentations by Dale Oldis and Greg  Whiting      

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Map Your Neighborhood:  Disaster Preparation

Presented November 2021  

           Instructor:  Linda Adams            

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Recyling 101

Presented January 2022

Instructor:  Carolyn Caporgno

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Nutrition for Healthy Adults Age 50+

Presented June 2022  

           Instructor:  Keri Palasz              

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The 14 biggest Crops of Skagit County

Presented May 23rd, 2023  

           Instructor:  Don McMoran              

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Soul of the Skagit

Presented November 16, 2023  

           Instructor:  Christian Murillo              

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