Shelter Bay Staff

Office Staff

All staff may be reached by phone at 360-466-3805. (Office phones are not operable if there is an Internet outage.)
The Shelter Bay Office is open Monday through Friday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm. The office is closed on Saturday & Sunday.

Bill Palmer

Community Manager

[email protected]
360-466-3805 Ext 5

Ann Serwold

Executive Secretary to the Board of Directors

[email protected]
360-466-3805 Ext 6

Kendra Emerson

Office Manager

[email protected]
360-466-3805 Ext 1

Renata McCauley

Committee Secretary

[email protected]
360-466-3805 Ext 8

Joseph Elkins

Controller, Accounting

Erik Lindeman

Accounting Manager

[email protected]
360 466 3805 Ext 3

Jennifer Peters

Receptionist, Finance

[email protected]

360 466 3805 Ext 9

Lawson Earl

IT Specialist/Project Manager

[email protected]

360 466 3805 Ext 2

Vanessa Finch


[email protected]

360 466-3805 Ext 4

Brad Stolzenburg

Compliance Officer

[email protected]
360-466-3805 Ext 7


For services by the Maintenance staff contact the Community Manager at 360 466 3005 ext. 5

 Forms related to the Community Office:

Garage Sale Permit Form

Lot Guidelines 1/24

Reinbursement Check Request Form

ACH Recurring Payment Authorization Form

Incident – Concern – Complaint Form