Shelter Bay Sport & Touring Car Club 

Arrive in Style!

Our Club’s objective is to enjoy our Sports and Touring cars in the company of other like-minded enthusiasts and get them out of the garage and onto the many wonderful rural byways of the Northwest coast. We organize tours to favorite scenic areas, discover new lunch or picnic spots, and gather to discuss “all things automotive”.  We drive safely, recognizing our responsibility as ambassadors of our community, club and marque.

Sports and Touring cars are loosely defined as cars with a sporting heritage, significant design or cultural pedigree, or future collectible potential, generally having two seats and two doors, minimal space for luggage, and above average performance.

We currently have representation of Aston-Martin, BMW, Corvette, Factory Five Cobra, Jaguar, Lotus, Mercedes-Benz, Miata, Maserati, Mustang and Porsche.

Any member may propose an event, and that member will be responsible for making it happen. There will be no dues, no clubhouse, no administrative meetings, no newsletter. All communications will be through our Car Club WhatsApp Group. Only car and event-related messages will be posted to the group.

Typical tours will start about 9 am and finish about 3 pm and include rest stops approximately every hour. We tour “in convoy” so we can enjoy the sight of our cars doing what they are designed to do.

We very much encourage the participation of couples, and we do not drive in rain.

To join our club, scan the QR code below with your smartphone and you will receive copies of future WhatsApp group messages.  You can also leave the group at any time.

To join Shelter Bay’s Sports and Touring Car Club, install WhatsApp on your phone then scan this QR code with your smartphone.

(If you are unfamiliar with WhatsApp, click HERE).

We look forward to motoring with you!

If you have any club related questions, concerns or problems, write to:  [email protected]