WhatsApp Instructions

For those who are unfamiliar with WhatsApp and wish to join Shelter Bay Clubs…

Most Shelter Bay Clubs and Groups communicate with each other to coordinate activities using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a free, convenient, Ad-free communications application that can be used with both smart-phones and computers. It is not social media.  Only other club members will see your posts.

WhatsApp can be installed on iPhones from Apple’s App Store, on Android phones from Google Play, and onto Windows from the Microsoft Store.  Click here for links to safe download location sites.

This YouTube video will show you how to install it.

Once you’ve installed WhatsApp, scan the QR code on the page of the club that you wish to join with your smart phone’s camera.

That’s it! You will now be able to read messages about club activities, ask questions, or propose events!

Still need help?  Call 305-562-3594 or write to the email below. I will be happy to come over and help.  Peter Volum 

If you have any club related questions, concerns or problems, write to:  [email protected]