Coquille Park Survey Results

During the November 2023 Board Meeting, Shelter Bay’s Board of Directors authorized a survey to be conducted by the Communications Committee to get feedback from our residents on repurposing plans for the area previously occupied by the upper pool (since re-named Coquille Park).

The survey was based on the viable suggestions received previously from the community in response to a request in Shelter Bay’s Newsletter.


The survey ran from October 20th to the 27th and generated 234 responses from residents.

The results to each question are summarized below:

Bare Minimum (Grass & minimal landscaping ONLY)

(No additional expense)

YES 93
NO 60


Pavers: Multi-use patio area where the pool used to be (Approx. 60’ x 40’) & enhanced landscaping.

(Approx cost: $20,000)

YES 55
NO 109


 Tables, Chairs & Umbrellas

(Approx cost: $12,000)

YES 58
NO 101


Gazebo:  Approx. 20’ x 12’ shade structure with seating for picnics

(Approx cost: $18,000)

YES 79
NO 93


BBQ area with a utility sink.


(Approx cost: $10,000)

YES 51
NO 113


Outdoor Fitness Equipment

(One or two walking trail exercise stations at approx. $1,500 per station).

YES 40
NO 113


Bocce Ball Lanes


(Approx cost $12,000)

YES 44
NO 111


Small children’s play area


(Approx cost $5,000)

YES 61
NO 101


Drinking Water Fountain


(Approx cost $1,000)

YES 90
NO 89


ADA Restroom.


(Approx cost $18,000)

YES 121
NO 64


Multi-purpose lounge with kitchenette, sliding or bi-parting glass doors that open to the patio area, tables & chairs.

(Approx cost $50,000)

YES 52
NO 134

To the question “Would you consider volunteering some of your time to work on Coquille Park?”, 49 members responded “YES”, 83 members responded “Maybe”, and 86 members responded “No”.

 In response to a request for additional recommendations and comments, the following (91) responses were received:

  • A community veggie garden, with flowers. inexpensive, and beautiful.
  • A restroom is the top priority, followed by a drinking fountain. Please note that the Port-O-Potty is an eyesore to the neighborhood and is not in keeping with our lovely community.
  • A smaller club house would also need a restroom.
  • A structure that would allow an elevated view of the water. (Tower-like)?
  • Adult pool
  • All money should be put to big pool to fix or replace it first. Then update small pool park area.
  • Any additional expense needs to be avoided. Our fees are excessive now and continue to rise. The open spaces are rarely used anyway and all the additions you are suggesting are window dressing.
  • any money should be focused on getting the lower pool functional and updated
  • Appeal to families with small children.
  • As a longtime fixed income resident and with raising costs of inflation, the idea of SB spending more money on underused amenities, is abhorrent and unnecessary.
  • As seldom used by residents not in the immediate area, should be minimal cost for minimal use. Place for children is best
  • Because the location doesn’t have a view or anything it seems dysfunctional to build a gazebo, picnic area and such — just wouldn’t be a pleasant location like Rainbow Park is. I don’t have small children/grandchildren so that option would be of no value to me but perhaps others will decide they could make use of that, so that would be nice for them. Everyone carries water bottles so no need for a drinking fountain. And seems like a porta-potty is suitable enough. I would be happy to support whatever the community decides would be Best Use. Thank you for your work to improve this location.
  • Bocce ball is enjoyed worldwide by people of ALL ages! Definitely added value to SB
  • By keeping the area open without designated use, we can enjoy the open space for whatever outdoor activity or non-activity we choose. We already have a bbq area near the marina and a play area for children. We don’t need to duplicate those things here. Restrooms are an ongoing maintenance issue and I don’t think the maintenance crew is interested, so let’s skip that. A port-a-let, like the one at Rainbow and Martha’s beach, could be installed.
  • Consider the impacts on nearby residents. We already now hear pickle ball noise which tennis does not generate. It would be unfair to create areas that would produce even more noise than existed when properties were purchased.
  • Could combine lounge with kids’ play facilities.
  • Covered BBQ area similar to the structure by the clubhouse.
  • Do not do anything that would be a disruption to the neighborhood!
  • Do not duplicate features that already exist in Shelter Bay
  • Dog Park
  • Enclosed dog park
  • Figure it would be Multi-Purpose Lounge or Gazebo with BBQ option. ADA accessible bathrooms beneficial, as well as water fountain. Assume that it would be used mostly in the summer and transitional months….not so much in the winter.
  • Fix the pool and maintain what we already have…don’t waste any more community funds for this new project when current areas are suffering.
  • Focus community recreational resources, park resources etc. on the central clubhouse area. The pool there needs updating. Bocce ball etc. are all admirable but place them centrally where everyone in the community can feel welcome and share access.
  • Focus on maintaining what we have in good repair. We did not do this with the upper pool, and it was torn down. The majority of people in Shelter Bay are retired. It sounds great to build new amenities , new buildings make Shelter Bay grand, but it costs money. There are many in Shelter Bay, who cannot afford continual, increases to the monthly costs.
  • Get rid of porta potty
  • Get the lease renewed then spend money on amenities
  • Hot tub sauna and outside bar area
  • How much usage does the current clubhouse get? Is another smaller one needed. What would be the maintenance cost/year?
  • I am open to whatever seems most desired. I said no mostly to ideas that already seem to exist and I’m not sure if duplicates are needed.
  • I am still upset that the original pool, etc. were removed/demolished
  • I come from Switzerland where often they have a ‘vita parcours’ in communities….simple exercise stations set up in the woods or green areas. For an example: google: vita parcours aarau. This would be a low budget project, which could be extended in years to come if it finds attraction!
  • I definitely think picnic tables and garbage cans would be good. Dog waste bag dispenser, too. I like the idea of multi-use patio but pavers can look tacky. Benches to sit on and enjoy nature (or just rest before walking back up the hill!). Umbrellas don’t hold up to wind and in my opinion would be a waste of money.
  • I know my answers are not helpful. We moved here 5 months ago and I’ve seen very little use of the area with the exception of pickle ball.
  • It seems like a good place for a couple tables with umbrellas.
  • I’d rather see the money spent on a community garden somewhere in a green belt area where members of the community could plant a small garden. I think this could be taken up with the Garden Club at another time. Thank you
  • I like bocce but think it can be played in any grassy area
  • I like the idea of nice landscape with bench to sit garbage can, bathroom would be nice
  • I love this area having the amenities to support pickle ball and basketball games/tournaments. Bathroom, tables, and water fountain sound perfect for that. You’re the best, thank you for all that you do!
  • I say put the money into getting our pool up and running by the end of May and moving forward to keeping it up and running
  • I think a condo complex with no stairs would be an excellent use of that space and bring revenue into the community. That area has never been hardly used in the pool or tennis courts.
  • I would like to see that area developed and sold for home(s)
  • I would rather use money towards the main pool and upgrading the existing playground.
  • I would sure like to see a fitness center with equipment even only treadmill or stationary bike for those like me who must sit. so much rain makes outdoor walking or exercising problematic, and I am not aware of such equipment nearby.
  • I’d consider a concrete textured patio instead of pavers which would be much easier maintenance.
  • If the shade structure and the BBQ were done together would here be cost savings?
  • If we could only pick one, it would definitely be the multipurpose idea. We could most certainly use another meeting area…for coffee times, cards, ping pong, SRC events…limitless! It could offer more residents more options than anything! LOVE this idea!!
  • I’m sure you are unaware of the noise and nuisance the added pickle ball courts have caused the immediate neighbors and neighbors beyond. It is laughable to think, in your own words, [Value to current & prospective residents] that adding more noise pollution to that area is adding any sort of value to those immediate residents. If anything, you have destroyed their peace and devalued their properties. Good luck to them when they try and sell their homes and the blasts from the pickle ball hitting the paddle resonates through their house. Have you never noticed how may homes surround that area? And now you want to add more noise. The upper court has gone from a pleasant 2 person tennis court (ball noise relativity quite) to 8 people blasting a pickle ball that sounds like a gun shot. Perhaps the committees who make these decisions should install courts and areas for entertainment next to their homes. Oh wait, they would never want that next to their house.
  • Improve parking spaces
  • Indoor fitness center with strength training and cardio machines. Residents who wish to use the facilities could pay a fee to gain access, so we don’t have to leave it unlocked all the time. This fee would help offset the cost of maintenance and upkeep of the equipment. While I like the idea of having an ADA restroom, it has the potential to become a place for non-residents to do drugs, unless we control access. Much of this list seems to duplicate the amenities we already have.
  • Indoor gym
  • It might help to know the maintenance cost of these additions. I want them all but could prioritize.
  • It seems that the restroom would save money in the long run and probably be more pleasant than the current facility.
  • Drinking fountain feels like asking for trouble and most people carry their own water anyway.
  • As for other uses I am neutral because it isn’t a space that my family uses now nor do I foresee us using in the future really.
  • Just getting settled here. Using my time and energy to settle in. Will volunteer sometime in 2024.
  • Leave room for volleyball or badminton to be set up.
  • Let’s not increase costs when we have many of these things already.
  • locating awning and chairs near court to facilitate audience observation of games
  • Needs to be activity oriented we have enough social spaces
  • No need to decide now. Leave it as grass for now. Add a drinking fountain, tables and chairs later if desired. Wait until we have all given this some thought.
  • Nothing to raise our HOA and other Shelter Bay fees, please
  • off-leash dog park YES!
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Outdoor activities seem more sustainable, exercise and playground combined would be beneficial for families and children (I do not have children but think this would benefit our community. Exercise equipment like near the airport have been very popular if that was the intent on those stations. Promotes activity. More buildings to maintain seem a maintenance issue when we are already concerned as to ongoing rising HOA expenses (not me but other people commenting on fb etc.).
  • Pavers require no upkeep, grass needs mowing regularly. Chairs, tables needed for court players at a minimum.
  • Pea patch or swimming pool again.
  • Pickleball and Basketball courts look great, leave them.
  • Plant rhododendrons
  • Please keep it simple and continue to complete the area near our original pool….and immediately replace the pool for heaven’s sake. It is so important for our community. Has been,,,and will always be for the families and for exercise for other age groups. Not just one interested group. Thank you.
  • Please keep this area low maintenance. Our maintenance crews can’t seem to maintain existing areas the way they should be. Also your estimates are very low given the current cost of construction materials and labor.
  • Port a potty is eye sore and low budget look for everyone passing by or living within sight.
  • Prefer activity-based design combined with social area and restrooms. Should be easy to maintain.
  • Put money into existing pool, make it an indoor pool for year-round use
  • putting in a vegetable garden where residents can have fresh vegetables and any excess would be donated to the food bank.
  • Rather than a fancy barbeque/sink/counter arrangement, how about one or two freestanding BBQs for users bringing own picnic supplies and food.
  • sell the lot lease to someone to build a home on it.
  • Shade trees are always nice.
  • Shuffleboard Court, or at least redo the one by existing tennis courts. When looking at the costs for suggested items, I would have voted to rebuild/repair the adult pool.
  • Take care of Rainbow park 1st
  • There seem to be enough table and chair sets there and at the lower pool area. I’ve previously volunteered painting the green wall but will help out if needed.
  • There should be some type of water feature. Maybe a fountain that can be walked in and played in. Not everyone can physically play Pickle ball or Bocce ball!
  • Until the lease issues are resolved we should not burden HOA members with ANY additional expenses or costs. With the anticipated lease increases, just the appearance of frivolous spending is not wise. There are plenty of existing amenity needs and improvements that should be addressed before creating another maintenance and liability headache by adding playgrounds, picnic areas or other items.
  • Use common sense
  • Use existing tables and upgrade what is necessary, level out area to sit comfortably. Add landscaping so it looks welcoming while easily maintained.
  • Vandalism will always be a problem, that’s why we have locks on the rest rooms by the club house, so factor that in to any decisions
  • We need to get the new lease in place before committing to any additional costs
  • What about vandalism on some of these suggestions?
  • What becomes of the building that is there?
  • What happens to the existing building? Will it be torn down? Could it be used for the game room? Could bathrooms, exterior sink and water fountain be accommodated here?
  • While I love the idea of an additional vibrant park area, I do feel the core of non-pickleball activities should remain in the general clubhouse area to minimize traffic and noise for surrounding households. Activities like Bocce Ball and exercise stations are desirable, I just think they are better suited to the general clubhouse area. I prefer that we employ a targeted focus for Coquille park vs making a second comprehensive area.
  • Will there be space for parking for all of the proposed enhancements?
  • With so many costs and fees going up, it seems that the minimum is the only choice our community has at present.
  • You cannot get the pool working for the people who want and need it. No use spending money foolishly on something else no one will use. Just like the golf course.


Your Communications Committee and Board thank all who participated in this survey. Without your feedback, decisions can’t be made that take your wishes into consideration. With your input we will be better able to make Shelter Bay the community that you want it to be.

While many of your questions cannot be responded to here, the Communications Committee urges you to assist the monthly Town Hall meetings at the clubhouse where your board members make themselves available to respond to all your questions directly.