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This page contains items that remain of interest, but no longer timely.

Got Tent Caterpillars?

This seems to be a fruitful year for those pesky tent caterpillars! While they do not pose a specific health hazard to people, they are somewhat of a general nuisance. Shelter Bay Community does not have a specific policy with regard to Tent Caterpillars, but the Greenbelt Committee has agreed to give permission to Shelter Bay residents to help with this situation, allowing them to go into the Shelter Bay greenbelts and parks to take steps to eradicate the tent caterpillars.

If you are so inclined to deal with the caterpillars, please bear in mind that safety is paramount to any actions taken. If the caterpillar tent is too high to safely reach, then please don’t put yourself in harm’s way to try to treat it.

Attached is a link to a WSU website that provides a summary of the caterpillars with recommendations for treatment. Please bear in mind that burning of the tents is not safe, and Shelter Bay has a “No outdoor burning” policy. Bagging and disposal is the preferred approach for getting rid of the caterpillars.

Thank you for your interest in our community.

VoIP Telephone Service

from Hermann Wolz

Many of you have contracted for your telephone service using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which is readily available if you have a high speed internet service. This can be via your cable provider, over DSL service, or a stand-alone system such as Vonage or Magic Jack. There are many advantages to VoIP, and the biggest of these is the fact that VoIP is considerably less expensive than conventional hard wired telephone service, especially taking into consideration that most services such as Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and Caller ID etc. are in the base price.

However, there are a few disadvantages and cautions that one must consider when using VoIP. First and foremost is the fact that should your high speed internet connection fail, you have no telephone service. This failure can be due to a failure at the ISP (Internet Service Provider) service or because of a power outage. Conventional wired telephone service remains active during a power outage as the power for hard wired telephones comes from the central office and not your home electrical system. The second caution in using VoIP is “911” calling. Unlike hard wired telephones, VoIP needs to know physical address in order to route your 911 call to the nearest emergency calling center. You should insure that the “911” service information (your address) is properly registered with the VoIP provider.

There are many articles on the Internet pertaining to VoIP. All you have to do is Google “911 and VoIP.” One other note: remember that if you have all cordless phones in your home and you loose electrical power, these phones will not work regardless of the service.