Advertising Policy and Procedures

The Shelter Bay website provides free classified advertising for Shelter Bay owners in good standing and their renters. The Shelter Bay Community has the right to reject any ad that it does not consider appropriate.

Real estate advertising will be accepted from Shelter Bay owners for property located in Shelter Bay for sale or rent by owner. Ads may include one photo. The webmaster may edit any such ad. Advertisements from real estate agents will not be accepted.

Other examples of classified ads which can be accepted for inclusion on the website include the sale of personal property including boats, cars, furniture, jewelry, etc. In addition, requests for services will be accepted; examples include requests for babysitters, caregivers, etc.

To place a classified ad, submit the information to the Office by e-mail ( standard mail, or delivery by hand. All ads must include the advertiser's name and contact information, i.e., email and/or telephone number. In addition, ads should include a description of the item and a price, if applicable. One picture may be included with the ads and should be attached to the ad in JPEG format. The webmaster will size the photo as appropriate.

Vacation Rentals, e.g. timeshare and condominiums, owned by a Shelter Bay member, may be advertised on the website. Ads may include one (1) photo. The webmaster may edit any such ad. Advertisements from Real Estate Agents will not be accepted.

Political advertisements, encouraging/persuading members to vote one way or the other, will not be allowed/accepted on the website.

Advertisements will remain on the website for up to three months or until the webmaster ( is notified to remove the listing.

Advertisements - Real Estate

Advertisements - Other


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